Friday, March 25, 2011

Turner Stevenson

Turner Stevenson is the proud product of Prince George, British Columbia, a hard working, tough as nails northern Canadian town that loves it's hockey. Making him even tougher was the fact that he was born further north in a cold mill town called MacKenzie.

Stevenson patrolled NHL wing with typical PG hard work and hustle, endearing him to fans and teammates alike. He was known to spend every ounce of energy in his 60 second shift.

"At times, we call him 'Crazy Legs,'" said New Jersey defenseman Ken Daneyko, "He's got both legs and arms going in all different directions out there. But, that's because he is working so hard."

Stevenson was an unsung member of the Montreal Canadiens and the New Jersey Devils (and briefly Philadelphia) for a total of 644 NHL games. He scored just 75 goals and 115 assists for 190 points.

The highlight of Stevenson's career had to be the spring of 2003. Playing on a checking line with John Madden and Jay Pandolfo, Stevenson helped the New Jersey Devils capture the Stanley Cup.

He may not have been the biggest name in New Jersey that spring, but his high tempo shifts created chaos on the forecheck andalong the boards and brought praise from his teammates.

"He's a little dangerous out there for both sides," said team captain Scott Stevens. "You just wind him up and let him go and see what happens."


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