Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Randy McKay

The right winger on the hugely popular and even more effective Crash Line with Bobby Holik and Mike Peluso, Randy McKay was a devil of a hockey player.

The scrappy McKay approached every shift with great intensity and tremendous physicality. He was a heavy hitter, astoundingly strong on his skates, and a ferocious fighter. However he earned great respect around the league by never initiating cheap nonsense. But rest assured if the other team dared to do so, he would be there to answer.

McKay may have broken into the league because of his willingness to be physical, but he worked incredibly hard to improve his game in every capacity. His skating was strong enough to allow him to beat many defenders to loose pucks. He had the puck skills to beat a defender one on one, and, though lacking great vision, could make strong passes. But make no mistake, most of his offensive contributions, with or without the puck, by driving the net.

McKay's reputation pretty much summed up the Devil's hockey philosophy of the 1990s. He never cruised through a game, going all out all game long. Hard work and true grit allowed McKay to twice hold the Stanley Cup above his head - in 1995 and 2000.

McKay retired in 2003 and became an assistant coach at his Alma Mater, Michigan Tech.


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